FAN: A lot of crap has happened through the seasons, and I’m wondering how you think it’s going to be good that no one is coping.

POSEY: No one’s coping? That’s what’s going on?

EADDY: Can you explain that a little bit more? What do you mean by that?

FAN: Say, if someone dies, you need to cope. To get better. To mourn! No one’s mourning in the show!

POSEY: It’s definitely still there, it’s in everyone’s lives, it always is. But there’s, literally, we can’t— we have to prevent other things from always happening. So it kind of builds and builds and sits there in the back of their head, but it’s always there.

EADDY: I’ve had a lot of people ask that on tumblr, too, or I’ve read a lot of that on tumblr, and let me say— this is war.

@Eyecon Teen Wolf (6.15.14)

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The Illuminator projected this near the Brooklyn Bridge in solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

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It’s late night like these where I think about how old I’ll be in the coming weeks…

Turning 22 years old soon and yet it feels just like yesterday when I was 15 and so confident that I wasn’t going to make it past 18 

Those times were so rough.