i also find it extra fucking sketchy that the UN has reached out to Emma Watson who has no feminist credentials past playing a character she didn’t write and giving one speech but has not reached out to Beyonce who has built a shelter for homeless women put on a performance where only women were featured on stage and has written an essay on feminism

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bisexualcowgirl replied to your post “so close to posting a screen shot of this super fucked up conversation…”

Is it on facebook???? I WANNA SEE (because im v nosy)

lol no it’s on my cell. texting convo

basically i was blown off by this dude (that i kind of like)…. he wanted to come with me to a pow wow and then i was all super excited (but very chill in text) and then he was like, “u know what, i’ll pass,  i’d rather ride my bike [motorcycle] instead” and i was like ZOMFG U FUCKER U GOT MY HOPES UP

HENCE my current status of “moodswing/whiplash” and that picture of the urban dictionary definition

i am allowed to be passive aggressive in my facebook statuses right? lol but he will never know that’s about him

so close to posting a screen shot of this super fucked up conversation i’m having right now with this dude

but i value our friendship (if u can even call it that) and whatever